API SG-Autorépondeur

Welcome on SG-autorepondeur API manual.

Our API allows you to do lots of things possible on our platform, including :

  • Managing your contacts
  • Managing your lists
  • Managing your forms
  • Managing your messages
  • Managing your sendings

Access all methods from the top left menu.
The use of the API is reserved for experienced developers.

A problem with the API?

If you encounter a problem from your site hosted by OVH:
The concern may be related to the fact that you are on a runtime environment whose Curl version is not up to date.
Please upgrade your server by following this step from the Manager V6:
Accommodation -> affirmation-de-soi.info -> General information
Next to PHP Global Version AUTO Click Change Configuration.
Then Change Current Configuration.
So you will have to choose the version and the engine (We recommend 5.6 as version and the php engine instead of phpcgi)
Thanks above all for changing the runtime environment to stable from the drop-down menu.
The Curl version of this environment is more up-to-date.

API Query Limit

By default, the API is limited to 500 query per hour except on request to the support.