Frequently Asked Questions

What initial list and origin list means ?
How do I reactivate a subscriber in an invalid state?
How does the "Exclude subscribers still in automatic sequence" box work?
How do you turn on "active" a "non-activated" or "terminated" subscriber?
How do I add a "picture" in my message?
I change bank account, how do I?
How to duplicate a list with all messages?
What does subscriber "active", "inactive", "terminated" or "invalid" mean?
I can not set up DKIM or SPF, how do I?
How to renew or change package?
Why do I have negative points when I have 0 complaints?
There are missing recipients on my automatic shipments?
What is a complaint?
Can I pay for my subscription in any 12-month period?
How do I send a message to multiple lists at the same time?
Where can I find the code to register for the prospect via facebook?
SG Autoréponder is compatible with my site or the plugin I use?
Where can I find my activation code (for API or third party service)?
How does my deliverability index work?
Where can I download and print my invoices?
I have the ability to set to -1 day. What does that mean ?
How do I delete my account permanently?
Using this feature, will my subscribers receive an email?
If I publish two articles in the day, how does that happen?
Does a person who goes to sleep on list A go to sleep on list B?
Does a person who goes to sleep on list A go to sleep on list B?
How do you move to the line without making a space between the lines?
Can a sub-user who has rights to a single list view all the lists?
What is the cost for each additional sub-user?
Can we access messages but block access to contacts from a list?
What do the weather figures mean?
How do I change my credit card?
How do I install the verification file on my domain?
My automatic sending does not leave for one or more subscribers
How to integrate my html template through the "source"?
Comment changer ma signature ?
Entries do not happen, I miss ...
Mes statistiques sont à 0, pourquoi ?
How do I add an attachment?
Can I modify an automatic sequence without affect?
The same article was referred a second time, why?
A person should not be "terminated". What to do ?
Can I enter multiple emails in one form?
Can I have details about filtering, openings, clicks etc?
My form appears badly after integration on my site ...
What is filtering?
Can I view the number of subscribers on several lists?
My RSS feed test does not work!
How do I cancel and delete my account?
When a visitor registers, he encounters the error "Access denied"
What does it take to migrate from Aweber to SG?
Is it possible not to send the message after registration?
Where are my bills?
What do I need to know to import my contacts file?
What are the possible customizations in a message?
Can I use a file obtained by buying or renting?
Can I send my message to several lists? How?
Where can I find my invalid and terminated subscribers?
My domain name has changed. Where to replace it?
Verification is not done while my file is present ...
I can not go from double optin to simple optin ...
How to pause a shipment?
Should a DMARC record be added?
How do I add contacts to my list?
My test shipment does not arrive, why?
A subscriber still receives emails after unsubscribing ...
A subscriber is considered registered from a country that is false
Mobile numbers are entered in the "mobile" field
How do I use the same signature for all my emails?
If I have subscribers in the destination list, how do I do that?
Can I start the sequence at the beginning when transferring?
The statistics differ from the detailed data, why?
What are these rules for the list ?
How to dowload my contacts ?
My rule does not seem to work ...
The email from the destination list is not sent to the registration ...
I missed credits ... Are the shipments caught up after?
How do I add a picture in my email?
When importing a contact file, do they receive a welcome email?
My domain name has changed. Where to replace it?
Missing recipients on my manual shipments?
I see a refund on my Paypal account. What does it match?
Flux RSS : Il a envoyé 1 article au lieu de 3...
Can I put one form on multiple pages ?
Comment fonctionne les règles sur les "non confirmés" ?
Comment déplacer un abonné à la fin du séquence ?
Si je créé un envoi automatique, sera-t-il rattrapé aux anciens inscrits ?
Comment changer l'email expéditeur ?
Un abonné n'a pas reçu le message prévu après l'inscription...
L'enregistrement SPF provoque une erreur...
Comment retrouver un contact parmi toutes mes listes ?
Can I put one form on multiple pages ?
Pourquoi je trouve des domaines qui ne sont pas à moi ?